The Tribute Bands are one of the most popular forms of entertainment booked for hire today!

A good Tribute Band as The Synchronicity3, can provide a similar experience of the originals,for a fraction of the cost!

The Synchronicity3 is a fully self-contained trio, with adequate personal equipment and PA. They offer 2 set formats : 1 x 90′set or 2×40′sets , always bringing the house down
with their incredible “The Police 80′s sound” show.

All the greatest hits are faithfully recreated.

You can sit back or jump and watching this brilliant show, sing along with your favourites or dance the night away to the fantastic songs written from Sting and The Police.
Whatever you want to do, you will have a night to remember with The Synchronicity3.

The Synchronicity were formed in June 2005 after Adrian put an ad in a newspaper saying “Italian guitarist seeking bass player and drummer for tribute to the Police”.

Dave & Jimmy spotted the ad, a meeting was set up, after a rehearsal they have decided to play together.

Dave said ” We never try to be The Police, we simply like so much to play their fantastic songs”.
The Synchronicity 3, hope you enjoy listening to them as much as they enjoy playing the music!

Song List:

Fall Out
Next to you
Truth Hits Everybody
No Time This Time
Bring On The Night
Message In A Bottle
Cant Stand Losing You
Walking On The Moon
So Lonely
Hole In My Life
Shadows In The Rain
Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Driven To Tears
Every Breath You Take
Walking In Your Foosteps
King Of Pain
Synchronicity I
Synchronicity II
King Of Pain
Every Breath You Take
Spirits In The Material World
Tea In The Sahara
When The World Is Running Down
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Oh my God

The Band

Dave: Bass & Vocals

Plays an Hand made Bass & M.M.Sting R. He uses Marshall amplification in the form of a VBA400 valve head powering 2 4×12 cabinets.

Roby : Drums

Plays a Tama shell kit >Starclassic Maple – 10″ 12″ 14″ Toms — 16″ 18″ Floor toms and 22″ Bass Drum, a 5″x 14″ Snare (SC145) Full set He plays a full set of Zildjian Cymbals.
Jimmy uses Tama Iron Cobra bass pedal

Adrian: Guitar

Plays a Hand made telecaster & stratocaster. His amplification comprises an 1967X Marshall 50 watt valve head plus a classic Marshall 4 x 12 cabs. Adrian also uses effects by ART, Electro Harmonix,TC Electronics.